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Wal-Mart Distribution Center
Monroe, Georgia

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Doster Construction Company was selected as General Contractor to perform the site work, building foundations and the interior build out for Wal-Mart's Distribution Division.

Requiring a high level of finish for slab work, Wal-Mart sets their own set of standards and testing for super flat slab design requirements. As a way to meet and exceed Wal-Mart's design protocols, Doster used a mobile laser screeds on the Monroe, Georgia project. Of the 44 acre site, Doster poured approximately 38 acres of concrete including the 457,000 square feet of slab on grade. The remaining area was covered by concrete paving for parking, dock access and truck turnaround.

In July of 2004, Wal-Mart began their stormwater protection program. The program set by Wal-Mart is a very aggressive, stringent program with zero tolerance for violations. As part of the qualification process to work on the distribution center, Doster Supervision received EPA certified training referred to as SWPPP training by Wal-Mart.

Additionally we were provided with the latest information on stormwater compliance appropriate for conditions at the Monroe site. Doster designated a project manager and two project superintendents for the construction site; we conducted a pre-construction stormwater meeting with the design civil engineering consultant in attendance.

Project superintendents were required to conduct daily inspections, provide weekly summary reports, perform bi-weekly inspections with the project manager and complete a monthly inspection with Wal-Mart's construction manager. All BMP repairs or modifications were to be completed within 48 hours.

A very comprehensive approach to managing stormwater, Doster had to control water run-off for 40 acres of the site. As part of the project we oversaw the construction of four large retention ponds and erected earth vegetative retaining walls, some as tall as 50 feet.

The $20 million Distribution Center was completed on time and met all design standards set by Wal-Mart.

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