3D Laser Scanning

Doster would like to provide your team our expertise in renovations, laser scanning, and modeling. Doster’s BIM Department has extensive experience in major renovation projects and utilizes technologies, like laser scanning, to help deliver a successful project. We would like the opportunity to use these technologies and processes on your next project to enhance visualization and collaboration and reduce conflicts.

Laser Scanning, or LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), is a technology used to take extremely accurate measurements by measuring distances with a laser. Laser scanners, like Doster’s Faro Focus 3D laser scanner, are LiDAR devices that take hundreds of thousands of measurements every second to generate point clouds of existing buildings.

A laser scanner produces a “point cloud” consisting of millions of points that together produce an accurate, three-dimensional representation of your building. A point cloud can be imported in all of the major BIM/CAD packages for accurate measurements and quick as-builts. Doster primarily uses point clouds for communicating with design teams, coordinating in existing spaces, creating as-builts, and analyzing spaces.

Learn more about the benefits of using Doster’s 3D Laser Scanning services here.