Building Information Modeling

One of the most exciting developments in our industry over the last decade has been the development of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in both design and construction. Doster has fully embraced this technology and has a full-time, full-service BIM Department that is a national leader in BIM/VDC Management.


Doster’s BIM department offers a wide range of preconstruction services for your next project. Our BIM team will engage the Owner and Design team early to utilize our Virtual Design and Construction technology and experience to improve the preconstruction process and enhance the overall success of the project.

The project’s BIM Coordinator can provide coordination services as early as the schematic design all the way through construction documents. Coordination assistance allows us to detect constructability issues as early as possible, ensuring the best solutions for the project are made. Doster can provide virtual mockups and value analysis visualization to give you the most comprehensive and detailed information early on, allowing you to make the best decisions for the project.

Our team will also extract quantities from the BIM model to increase the speed at which we deliver cost feedback to the Owner and Design team. This faster feedback loop enables a more rapid response to the fluid nature of the design process, putting better information in your hands faster. In these design-assist atmospheres, Doster will include a prime structure subcontractor and MEP subcontractor early in the BIM coordination process to support in managing the design, as well as developing options for capturing value. Combining our reality capture abilities with preconstruction and BIM, Doster is able to offer unparalleled expertise for complicated renovation work.

In the preconstruction process, Doster can enhance visualization and create animations to help the Owner make the best decisions about their project.


From years of BIM experience, Doster has developed valuable BIM processes that improve construction quality, budget, risk, and schedule outcomes.

Our team’s construction phase BIM kickoff occurs at the start of the project, where we identify the project’s BIM needs. These needs may include a range of activities including 3D Clash Detection & Coordination, 4D Schedule Simulations, Quantity Takeoff, Virtual Mockups, and Logistics Planning.

Our team will use BIM to coordinate among all major trades on the project. This includes a series of meetings where the coordination and shop drawings are iteratively tested and modified to produce the best possible installation. Our processes are also lean in principle enabling subcontractors to share pipe hangers and optimize installation to reduce waste. Our construction team also uses the model to generate quantities for verifying successful subcontractor performance and installation.

Doster can simulate the project schedule by combining the project model and the overall project schedule to analyze opportunities to reduce the overall schedule. Our BIM team will create a 3-dimensional site logistics plan to minimize the impact of construction on your operations and the surrounding area. Our underground logistics plans enable us to integrate the site seamlessly with existing utilities.

Doster can incorporate the project’s building Information model to the project closeout data to provide you with a 3D, information-rich as-built model of your facility.


Our BIM team will determine the requirements for facility models and as-builts during the design of the project and begin planning a successful closeout and maintenance data delivery. Our closeout process can include any level of facility data that you need. A successful closeout can be anything from providing, in addition to the specifications, a printed equipment list to providing a COBie closeout or a full as-built Building Information Model. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for project closeout, and Doster will customize the solution based on your needs while delivering quality as-builts and a quality building.

Doster coordinated the $60 million dollar University of Alabama Science & Engineering Phase IV project over 6 months. The work includes models of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Specialty Gas, Fire Protection, Structural Steel & Joists, Concrete, MEP hangers, and Laboratory Equipment.

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