The team at Children’s Hospital was asked by the hospital to redesign the Children’s Harbor Building Lobby. The team created a series of renderings in order to communicate the design to the Hospital and potential donors for the project. The images following show the basic process used to create the designs.

​​Harbor Building Before


Laser Scan / Point Cloud

The team laser scanned the Children’s Harbor building with two quick laser scans. The scan time was about 20 minutes. The scanner measured a total of 66 million color points.

Laser Scan 1.jpg

Laser Scan 2.jpg

​Modeling Harbor

The Children’s Team them modeled the proposed lobby modifications, a ship in the middle of the lobby.
Hidden Line - Modeling Progress.PNG

Renderings Presented

The Children’s Team then rendered the modeled options and presented the following images to the Hospital:

Option 1

Option1-A-BR View-with image_edited.jpg

Option 2

Option2-A-BR View-with image_edited.jpg

Option 3

Option3 HB View_edited.jpg