Over 80 Doster Employees to Earn 30 Hour OSHA Construction Safety Certification

Doster has worked over the past 5 months to incorporate the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety Course into the schedules of over 80 Doster employees including all field management staff, project directors, senior project managers, project managers, scheduling

managers, business developers, recruiting managers and technology staff. The training was performed in-house instead of using third party trainers in order to establish a baseline of safety and health training for these personnel. With the regulatory changes that have recently occurred with the US adoption of the Global Harmonization System, Respirable Silica exposure, and the new Record keeping requirements, Doster personnel are now better equipped to

manage the daily safety concerns of their projects. These programs combined with the different lessons learned and shared by the personnel in attendance at each class have increased the

levels of safety awareness throughout the company. We are so proud of the 80+ personnel having received their 30 Hour Construction Safety Card as a result of this program!