At Doster, we firmly believe that safety is the most important value held at all levels by each and every employee. We go above and beyond regulatory standards to ensure that our employees and our subcontractor employees are protected through systems of effective safety management. Safety is more than just policies and procedures. We look out for one another as family members and expect nothing short of safety excellence from our personnel.

Doster’s common goal of safety is achieved through training, pre-planning activities, and focused evaluation in the field. Our training is resourced and planned to meet the needs of the project environments and is hands on as well as engaging. Our pre-planning activities allow us to develop an effective partnership with our subcontractors while identifying hazardous activities and implementing control measures through all phases of work. Focused safety inspections performed by the safety department allow us to stay ahead of the trends that are currently in the marketplace and target areas that keep Doster at the forefront of safety and health management. These programs add real value to the ability of our personnel to ensure a safe and successful project and work to continually build a culture of safety at Doster.