Doster holds an annual company meeting called the Doster Success Summit where we get all our employees together to share lesson learned, best practices, and continue Building Lasting Relationships.

This year, Doster brought in research psychologist and award-winning speaker Dr. Eve Meceda to speak on the theme – Growth Mindset.

Dr. Meceda’s work focuses on how a growth mindset can increase performance at both the individual and organizational level.

A growth mindset is based on the belief that intelligence and skills are largely a result of learning and effort, whereas a fixed mindset is based on the belief that these skills are inherent traits.

Benefits of a growth mindset include an increased focus on learning, effort, and improvement.

“How we communicate with our team members, clients, and trade partners is critical to the success of any project. Using a growth mindset greatly enhances communication across the board.”

After the workshop, our team is better equipped to shift into a growth mindset which will strengthen our teams’ relationships, enhance collaboration and communication, and ultimately increase Doster’s performance for our clients.