Project Description

Doster was selected to serve as the general contractor for the State of Tennessee’s Paris Landing State Park Inn Replacement project.

The first phase of the project included the demolition of the existing Paris Landing State Park Inn. The second phase included the construction of the new 91-suite hotel including conference and meeting space, a restaurant, and outdoor terrace, firepit, pool, and seating area.

“The new facility will create a space that the people of Henry and Stewart Counties, and to a greater extent Tennessee, will be proud of for years to come,” said Goodwyn Mills Cawood’s Architect Patrick Neuber. “Our goal for this project is to create something that speaks to the unique nature of Paris Landing State Park and showcases the special views of Kentucky Lake. Creating a sense of place will help this facility meet the needs of locals and draw tourists to continue to allow the park to have a positive influence on the local economy.”


The State of Tennessee, Department of General Services


Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood, Inc.


Buchanan, Tennessee