Project Description

Doster minimizes disruption to a busy Women & Children’s Hospital and delivers a new five-level, 200,000-square-foot Patient Tower.

The new facility houses patient rooms, eight operating rooms, two endoscopy rooms, support areas and a full-service cafeteria. The project also included a small parking garage, located at basement level.

The exterior of the building consists of brick, curtain wall, and metal panels.  A cupola adorns the top of the tower.

Doster completed the work in two phases:  Phase I included construction of the New Patient Tower, the connecting bridge, and a full-service cafeteria.  Phase II included an interior renovation to the existing hospital.

Doster’s team overcame numerous obstacles during construction including working adjacent to the existing Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The new construction had two direct connections to the existing NICU facility, which meant that in two locations we had to build a new facility right on the other side of the existing NICU exterior wall and then cut out the exterior wall and connect it to the existing NICU.  All of the work was also done while the facility continued operations 24/7. Our team worked tirelessly with the hospital staff to keep patient safety the number one priority and minimize disruption.

Through a collaborative effort, our team delivered a successful project that nearly doubled the size of the University of South Alabama Women’s & Children’s Hospital.

“This project was very large and complex, and involved new construction as well as significant renovation and integration with a much older existing facility. Projects like this always have unexpected issues related to connecting with older buildings, and the Doster team handled these types of issues in a very professional way and in a spirit of partnership with the hospital team. This project also had a lot of input from many different groups, and again the Doster team was receptive and worked as strong partners with those groups.” –  USA Health System


University of South Alabama


TRO Jung | Brannen


Mobile, Alabama